Who are Archie & Izzy?
LLittle family! Archie is our Bichon Friche. He’s a regular on our Instagram….the fame’s been going to his head lately though! And Isabelle ( Izzy ) is our first baby girl who was born in December 2018. You’ll see her on our Instagram from time to time but she’s more interested in Peppa Pig than saying hello!!!! 


What is EcoComfy made from?
3 Ply Virgin Pulp. 200 Sheets per roll & 22m average roll length.

Where is EcoComfy & EcoAbsorby made?
In Ireland & The UK. Our EcoComfy & EcoAbsorby rolls are made just outside Dublin, our boxes are made in Cavan, our tape is made in Nottinghamshire and our wrappers are made in Leeds. Can we have a round of applause please?

What is your packaging made from?Our boxes are made from recycled FSC Certified cardboard, sealed using Eco Kraft tape which is made out of plant starch and is water activated! Eco friendly packaging for the win!

Why not Bamboo?
We still love Bamboo because it is sustainable and a great alternative. But the fibres in Bamboo are a lot stronger which make it harder to breakdown and more harsh on our skin. So we chose to use 3ply ultra sustainable virgin pulp. It means our products are super soft, kind to skin and don’t block toilets! It’s a win win!!

Will my delivery be wrapped in plastic?
Never!! We are so proud to be 100% plastic free in all aspects of our products. That includes our packaging, wrappers, boxes and even our tape!! No plastic….anywhere…ever….wuhoo!!!

What certifications do you have?
We work with FSC Certified suppliers & we are also a proud member of the Plastic Pollution Coalition which means that we are officially recognised for being 100% plastic free!

Do you support any organisations?
We sure do! We partner with Eden Projects. We also support organisations who are cleaning our beaches & oceans of plastic along with donations supporting organisations involved in homelessness. Keep an eye on our social media to see our latest donations!

Where are you located?
We are based in Wicklow, Ireland. Wicklow is also known as the Garden of Ireland so we’re lucky to be surrounded by nature in all of its glory!

Why should I switch to Archie & Izzy?

Well firstly we are a family friendly company with your home at heart. We are so proud to be 100% plastic free! We started our journey because we wanted to cut down on the amount of plastic and packaging we were going through at home. We also partner with Eden projects so everytime you buy EcoComfy & EcoAbsorby, you help plant a tree and support some of the world's poorest villagers through employment with Eden. We simply want to help make it easier for everyone to make a difference.

Do your family & Friends actually get free EcoComfy & EcoAbsorby?
Haha! To be honest we have noticed them coming to visit a lot more. Our family and friends tested and trialed our products for nearly 9 months. What troopers!! We used their feedback to fine tune our products until we were 100% happy with them, so to thank them we do give them some freebies sometimes!

Do you participate in Beach Plastic Pollution clean ups?
We take part in as many clean ups as we can throughout Ireland. You can see our pics over on our Instagram and you can find details there about how to get involved! If you want to do your own beach plastic clean up, send us your pics and we’ll share them on our Instagram as well!

Do you support local producers & local jobs?
Yes we do! We source locally and create local jobs. We try to keep everything as close to home as possible. We like to work with smaller producers instead of big corporations.

Are you on social media?
Yes! We are on Instagram & Facebook! We’re still working on getting the hang of Snapchat and TikTok! Any help would be greatly appreciated

Is EcoComfy suitable for septic tanks and compostable toilets?
Yes, 3ply breaks down in all toilets.

Are there any harsh chemicals in your products?
Nope! Its 100% Natural. No chlorine, no fragrances, no toxins. 100% natural! This was important for us because we have family members who have sensitive skin.

Are you actually 100% Plastic FREE?
Yes we promise. We will always be 100% Plastic Free.

Will EcoComfy rolls block my toilet like Bamboo?
Nope! We love Bamboo but the fibres are too hard and that can present problems with blocking toilet drains. Ain’t nobody got time for that! EcoComfy is 3ply virgin pulp. We’ve been selling it for over a year and so far have had no problems. Obviously if you put 500 sheets in your toilet and give it a flush it will block it. So please don’t do that!!

Why are your products more expensive than Plastic wrapped in the supermarket I usually buy?
We believe in buying 100% plastic free and stopping plastic pollution. Unfortunately it’s hard to find plastic free products. Plastic is super cheap to produce and it means all the big corporations use it to package their products which is why we have such a problem with plastic waste. Cardboard boxes like the ones we use for EcoComfy & EcoAbsorby are about 80 times the cost of plastic wrapping. That’s why we cost more than what you would buy in supermarkets. The plastic packaging around your usual toilet rolls & kitchen rolls and takes up to 500 years to breakdown and ends up in rivers, beaches and oceans. Our packaging can be recycled easily or breaks down within 3 months. What a difference!

Where do you ship to?
We are currently shipping to Ireland and the UK. Don’t worry if you are further afield. We are talking to our shipping pals to see how we can become intrepid travellers and extend our reach internationally.