Our Story

We’re a young family (Gary, Lauren, Izzy & Archie ..woof) who simply wanted to reduce the amount of plastic we were using in our home and looked for ways to reduce it.

In early 2019, we searched online for the most popular family used products and found Eco Friendly Toilet roll & Kitchen Roll! We placed our order and awaited the arrival of what we thought would be our new household staple. Unfortunately, once it arrived it came wrapped in plastic which really annoyed us because it was supposed to be ‘eco friendly’. It was just a very bad experience that left us feeling like we could do better! So we did....

After hundreds of samples, sleepless nights & lots of feedback from families and friends, on November 11th 2020 we officially launched EcoComfy & EcoAbsorby online! Soft, Kind to Skin, Ultra Sustainable, 100% Natural & 100% Plastic Free. We create local jobs, source products locally and manufacture in Ireland. Every aspect of our product is eco-friendly, from the box right down to the packing tape!

If you're like our family and simply want to reduce the amount of plastic packaging you use...give us a try! You help save the oceans & beaches from plastic pollution and we plant a tree with Eden Projects for every box sold!

Thanks for joining us on our journey so far!